As soon as your wounds have healed from giving birth and you feel ready to have a “fixed weekly date” on your agenda again, you can start postpartum exercise. Exercises will help you train and relax the muscles of your pelvic floor, back and tummy and get a sense for how they work together.

During classes “sans baby” you will have time for yourself and your body. These evening classes begin with a discussion time to give you the opportunity to talk with other moms and ask me if you have any questions before starting an intensive workout.

During classes “with baby” you will get to know other babies the same age as yours. You can breastfeed during the class and care for your child. Please choose this class only if you are absolutely not able to participate in the class without babies.


German public health insurance covers only part of the costs for the classes so you will have to pay the remaining fee. Prior to the start of the class, I offer an interview to learn your medical history concerning the birth.


Classes take place at Augenblicke e.V. at Steintorweg 8.

Dates & registration 

Rückbildung ohne Kind

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